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Do I like a LAT relationship?

Posted by admin

Hey everyone,

First let me introduce myself a bit. I'm Cynthia a woman of almost 60 years old and yes I'm looking for a lat relationship to start with. I get that at this age we wouldn't jump right into a relationship right away. But then slats might be a good start. When I'm retired and we both have the freedom I would really like to throw myself into a real relationship and maybe even get married. But of course I don't want to talk about that yet. In my profession. I see a gynecologist a lot, but not really something to start a long-term relationship with, of course. And I'm way too old for steps haha. That's why I'm looking for it this way. I hope I can enjoy it a little more. So hope for a nice message from a nice man.

Who knows see you soon
Love Cynthia

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I like it


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