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Do you like the Burgundian life?

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Hey hello there,

Well there I am with my face in a relationship ad, never thinking I would do this myself. But I still took the step to give it a try here, this is because in daily life I have not met the man who really suits me. That's why I'm going to try it now on the digital network.
So I am Jorien, a spontaneous woman who has a lot of fun in life and likes to do fun things, I am very cheerful and never actually depressed. It doesn't really matter what I'm going to do, I see fun in everything and if it's less than that I try to get the most out of it.
I like to sit on a terrace in the sun with friends and especially watch to the men, I also like to go out for a nice meal, I like that too.
So I like to have a snack and a drink from time to time, I actually like the Burgundian life. (You have that if you live in Brabant)
I am a woman who works for her money because I am an executive secretary for my job and that means a lot of hard work, but I do this with pleasure.
As you can see in one of my photos, I my bearded dragon sits on my shoulder, so this is a strange quirk of mine. I find these creatures beautiful and impressive, and I don't wonder why. (Well, everyone has a tick hahaha)
Maybe I have scared you off a bit now, but I hope you will choose me, a nice Brabant Burgundian woman.

Greetings Jorien.

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Do you like the Burgundian life?


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