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I am Aukje, 19 years old

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Hi, I'm Aukje, 19 years old and looking for a nice man to make my dreams come true together. And not only those dreams, but I also just want to enjoy the beautiful things in life. What's on my bucket list: Parachuting or skydiving, going to Norway for adventure, getting a scuba diving license and making good use of it? These are my 'grand' plans for sometime in the future, like visiting a real bounty island and learning how to play the guitar. 🙂 In the meantime, like many others here, I like to go out with friends for a concert, a terrace or a pub. Music is important to me and determines how I will spend the day in the morning; I also enjoy a festival every now and then. Am spontaneous, impatient, caring, optimistic, honest, sometimes a bit naive and often direct., but you know what you're getting! Are you also such an enterprising type and do you have a good dose of down-to-earth humor? Send me a nice message and that's the start of something beautiful! Kind regards, Aukje

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