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I'm Looking For A Sporty Guy!

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Oh dear, now I have to tell you something about myself, don't I? Haha. That's
difficult. But I'm going to try.
The reason I registered on this site is because I'm looking for a
nice man who can make my life even more fun. I already have a nice life.
I love sports and I do that a lot and like it and besides that I have
nice friends with whom I always have fun. Of course
it is true that I see most people around me moving in together or
even getting married and then every time the one question comes up: why are you
still alone, Patricia? If I got a euro for every time I heard that
I would now have a nice savings haha.
Well, it might be time to
find a nice man, so I'll take a chance and hope to find him here.
Are you that nice guy? Mail me!

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