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Well, there I am among all the other calls! And now I have to tell you something about myself. Nice and cliché, find out for yourself (much more fun right?? Well ahead, a little bit then: summer ” sigh” where is he now, beach, terrace, cozy with the 2 of us watching a beautiful sunset with a nice glass of wine .. winter sports ??? brrr if not my thing !! Am sporty myself (extends the expiration date), am also already 59, caring but not patronising, well-groomed, optimistic, positive, sometimes stubborn and independent and love challenges. of nature and culture. Have a challenging job and recently got my life back in order after a broken relationship. What I'm looking for is a nice man! Respectful, sweet, enterprising and a bit stubborn I like that. I can do here put down a large package of requirements, but in reality it works very differently, because in the end it is all about that well-known click. If my call has already put a smile on your face, I would suggest that you contact me, because perhaps I'm looking for you Greetings s and hello, Else

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