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Are you going for love or for money?

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Yes, men who are in it for the money can immediately turn around and really start looking for someone else. That's why I got divorced, he was a real gold digger. I don't have a problem with money, just don't take advantage of it. Because I'm looking for love, not someone to give money to.

Being a woman with a lot of savings is not easy. I have to make the right choices and I've already lost my mind. So please, love. If you really find me attractive, comment. Do you want to build something fun with me, comment. Do you want to get to know me sincerely, then my sweet sides. Respond.

Live in Wassenaar, great job, 62 years old!
Only need 1 man, so a nice business card as a message is a must.

Big kiss, Manja

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Are you going for love or for


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