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Are You Single Again?

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Hi nice guys, I'm Teresa. I am single again and in my previous relationship I lacked a lot. Now it's time to catch up! I'm looking for someone who has a sense of humor but also a bit of grit. Someone who dares to say what he thinks, someone with his own opinion. That makes someone more interesting and not a 13 in a dozen. Someone who has a story all his own and who stands with both feet on the ground. Well, what do I have to offer myself? I am a no-nonsense woman with humor and spirit who looks beyond the outside. Independent, affectionate, playful, serious, sweet, funny, impatient, intelligent and feminine. Difficult to pit yourself against a complete stranger in letters. There is only 1 way to find out who I really am and if we click. If you want to know more about me, I hope you send me a message? Greetings from Teresa

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