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Are You That Nice Guy Who Does Contact Us?

Posted by admin

Hello dear nice men,
I'm Djelany, and I'm 32 years old!
I have my own beauty salon, where I'm actually always present.
But now that things are going well , and my staff is doing well. Am I ready for some relaxation for myself, but alone is so alone..
Actually not for me either, all my dear friends are all settled now, and are happy or have a happy family..
And now that I'm 32 years old myself, I think it's about time for myself.
Are you a man who doesn't mind that I have my own salon, and are actually always busy with it. Could you accept that? Or would you also really enjoy being there a lot! It's always fun, and there's always something going on!
Do you see yourself building a future together with me? Then it would be very nice if you would contact me.
Love x from Djelany.

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Are you the nice guy who


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