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Childless Lady Looking for Serious Relationship

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Hi everyone, I'm going to be very straight to the point. My name is Elle and I can't have children. Things went well and then at 8 months the heart stopped beating and I had a sweet deceased baby in my arms. But due to a condition I cannot have children, which is why I am now alone. So you have to take this into account. If any men have gotten further than my senses for this, then I know it doesn't matter to you whether I can have children or not. Very nice. I'm just looking for a nice man, children are welcome, but if you don't have them that's fine too. I have accepted this and hope to grow old and happy that way. But with the right man this will of course work much better

Come and let me know if you want to have a drink with me.
Love from a 36 year old woman from beautiful Brabant

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Childless lady looking for serious relationship


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