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Do We Share The Love Together?

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Hi, I'm Beau and I think it's really time to get to know a nice man. My friends actually gave me the idea to do it this way.. They have found their true love online haha, so I thought I would! I like fun and spontaneity.. If I have to describe myself, I am a sweet, caring girl. I work in daily life as a hairdresser and beautician, but I can also be found a lot in the shelter where I do volunteer work. I have been working in a shelter for years, which I do with all my love. Now after so many years it is time for me to divide my love. While working I feel the love of the animals around me, but once I get home I am alone and I miss a lovely man around me very much. It would be so nice if I also had someone waiting for me at home, someone I could share my love with. Of course the animals give me a lot, but they don't give me anything you could give me. Are you that loving man?

Love and hugs, Beau

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Do we share love together?


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