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Do You Put That Arm Around Me

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Finally I dare to take the step and enrich my life with a sweet man. I am a sociable animal who also does business with friends.
All very nice, but an arm around my shoulders and a buddy who is there for me when I get home, that is certainly not a luxury.
Good conversations, laughing and crying together, openness and honesty and a lot of respect for each other are of paramount importance to me.
I have a cheerful character, well cared for and a day not laughed is a day wasted it's the motto that definitely fits me.
I like some freedom, I definitely want to keep the days I plan with the girls, and it will be very nice if you can accept that.  
It is important that everyone can continue to do their thing.  I don't like jealousy or possessiveness, but value each other and be happy for the other when someone has had a nice day that you then communicate about together.  
I also love good food, a glass of wine, a lovely walk through the woods or along the beach and especially enjoying the little things in life.

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Put your arm around me


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