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Do You See Me?

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Hi there, I'm Hanna, a single mother. I work part-time as a saleswoman and I really enjoy it. Have everything on track and only miss a good and sweet man in our lives, You read it right, I did indeed say us. By us I mean my daughter Lotte and I. My daughter has never really had a daddy figure in her life, because my then boyfriend left me when I was pregnant. I would like to get to know a sweet partner who also wants to be a daddy to her, so it is important that you get along well with children and my future wish is that if there is a stable loving relationship there will be a second child. Maybe I'm getting ahead of things now, but I'd like to be honest about my desire. Of course it is first important that I get to know a man who wants to date slowly, feel how the spark will fly and then have a bright future together. I am very curious which man dares to go on this adventure with us! Kind regards, Hanna

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Can you see me?


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