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Just when you are going to open my ad haha.
I'm Gerda, and I'm 56 years old.
I've had a really bad time but I won it !
I fought for 7 years, I had cancer! But I am so happy because at the end of last year I was told that I am cancer free! And from that moment on my life really couldn't go wrong! Of course you still have to go to the hospital regularly for a check-up.
But that's okay! From a few weeks I have an empty feeling, an empty feeling of love. You can really miss the love of a man so much, I really notice that now!
I've come to the point in my life where I really want to enjoy myself! And that I really want to get everything out of life! Of course also with my children and I hope a sweet man who wants to experience fun things together!
Hopefully you can help me with this?

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