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I seek understanding and patience

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Why am I asking this? Well I'll get straight to the point, I stutter if you start laughing now or like most men have gloating then read on quickly because I've had enough of that. I'm incredibly insecure because first of all I was bullied a lot in the past and what I'm still going through now, that's sometimes horrible, but good. Men like me when they see me until I start talking, and that hurts. So the result is that I'm very nervous right away and then I can't get out of my words at all. What I absolutely hate is when people “want” to help me by saying what they think I want to say. This has made me even more insecure and I no longer dare to make contact in a normal way. So someone pointed me to this possibility of making contact and in itself I don't really see it because I've had the lid on my nose so many times, but a lid fits well on every jar, they say. And since you immediately know about my deficiency, I hope it will be different this time. So I am Evi, 56 years old and live in Den Hoorn. For now, I'll wait and see if I get any responses and then we'll see. Evi



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