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I didn't know that so many elderly people are also looking for a nice person in this way! That surprised me quite a bit I must say. Because I was looking, I noticed that and I also took the step. Let me introduce myself nicely.
I'm Nanda from The Hague. I am a happy mother and grandmother, and I love my long-lasting friendships. But still… there is still so much beauty that I don't have right now. And by that I mean of course a nice relationship! What am I looking for in a man? He must be around my age. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Many people don't believe me, but I'm really already 73! But I don't feel so happy at all. Furthermore, your husband must be able to release me as in that I also do things for myself. And the rest doesn't matter to me. As long as he's sweet right?

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