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Now or never

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Hello guys, who am I… Well, I'm Lois. I have 2 dogs named Lola & Lilly, they are 2 sisters. They are my life and my greatest pleasure right now. They are my 2 small children for me. I work in an animal shelter myself and gave these 2 princesses a home at my house because I was completely in love with them.
I have a sweet daughter and also a grandson that I look after regularly. So I have the house and animal, only the tree of a sweet guy is still missing! What I'm looking for in a man is reliability, a shoulder to lean on, someone who is there for me in good or bad times and so on!
Are you an honest man who knows how to treat a woman? Do you also love animals and do you like a woman with a lot of humor and sarcastic remarks? Then don't hesitate and contact me!

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Now or never


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