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Man With Some Spicy Wanted

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I am indeed looking for a man with spirit. Preferably one that can handle me a bit. Sometimes I just need that counter-gas. I'm Esmee almost 30 years old and I love shopping, just everything women like. I also work at a Dior store and that's why I always call myself Miss Dior hihi. Has nothing to do with my search. Just want that nice man with spunk.

Are you that man with spunk, then definitely drop by!

Love, Miss Dior (Esmee)

Wanted a man with some spice


Will You Give Me That Second Chance?

Posted by admin

Hello, gentlemen. I am a divorced woman, mother of two children and looking for an honest man to make a new start. I am 39 and live in Tienray. If you have children, that is no problem for me. I hope someone responds position. I am very curious who will give me a second chance. You? A warm greeting from Mirna

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Will you give me that second chance?


Are You Also Looking For A Nice Relationship?

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My name is Miranda, I am 23 years old and I live in Heerenveen.
Judging by my hometown and Frisian roots, you would think that I like skating.
Nothing could be further from the truth, because this Frisian woman can't even skate.
My great passion is horseback riding and I have my own horse.
and if you think that this animal is now a Frisian then I have to disappoint you again, because it is a Tinker if that says anything at all.

But luckily I am much broader than just talking about horses.
I also love fitness very much and will also love to cycling with you on our steel horse.
I also like to watch nature films and I love shopping.
Of course there is also some work in life and that in part of my life I am a hairdresser.

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I'm Looking For An Older Sweet Man

Posted by admin

You wouldn't say it, but I'm looking for an older man. Not a grandpa type but just older. A grown man who knows what he wants. I myself am 25 years old and can safely be up to the age of 40, maybe even more. I just have more with that than the young people. I live in Kesteren and was adopted by very nice people. But it's time for me to spread my wings. Do you like it? Then I look forward to a nice reaction!

Love and big hug Mimi

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I'm looking for an older sweetheart


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