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Also So Very Lonely?

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Hi there, I'm Camilla and I'm lonely. And yes, that is what we only hear these days. But I don't give up and go looking for that nice man. Who is also lonely.

Never had any complaints, had a very good company, but I recently sold it. This is because I am already old. I am also widowed and consciously childless. I loved to travel, I would love to go to all the countries of Europe, but if you don't have much around you, it's difficult. That's why I'm looking for a sweetheart who would like to come with me. Of course not in the short term, getting to know each other first is something that is important before you go on holiday together.

So I don't have to worry about money. But don't look for a man who is only after money. Because I spend it well otherwise. And also want to spend it well. So I'm really looking for a man who goes for me and my character. Yes, it is a bit lonely now, but I think you can change that quickly

Lots of love and look forward to seeing something nice
Camilla from Blaricum

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Also very lonely?


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