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Are We There for Each Other in Good Times and Bad?

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Hello there, nice and sweet men,

I am Mientje Vesters, a spontaneous, friendly widow of 59 and now that the children have flown out of the warm nest of mothers, I am looking for a buddy, someone who can do fun things with me. want to start a business.
Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my husband too soon, he was no longer allowed to celebrate his 50th birthday, unfortunately he died of cardiac arrest 1 month before his 50th birthday.
After his death I had to raise my children alone, but I did have a lot of support from them during the times when I felt a little less, but as I said, they are no longer at home.
So can you do this a bit? also take away from me and then cheer me up and of course do fun things together.
Of course I could write down the rest of my life story here, but then I won't have more to tell when we talk.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings Mientje

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Are we in it together


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