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So, there I am. I have to give myself a good picture otherwise I won't even get through this. So many beautiful women. And I'm really not the prettiest. I am from Delfzijl, I am 46 years young and have 2 children. My ex left us when we had significant debts. Fortunately, it was arranged that he was still allowed to pay his debt. I had three very difficult years because of the debt assistance. But oh how stronger I came out of it. I can now save properly, support my children and simply enjoy a plate of healthy food every day. Even fun outings sometimes, but you always pay attention to the little ones. But that aside, I have already shown that I can be strong. What I am looking for, a sweet man to please this single mother. In the right way of course, a relationship. Don't lie, be honest and open. That's my motto. Well, have I noticed a little? I hope so, I have a lot of love in me!

Love Bobbie

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