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Are You Different Than I Was Used To?

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Hi there,

How sweet of you to take the time to look at my call. (and I actually hope to read for a while)
I am Clazien, a 52-year-old widow from Zaltbommel who is unfortunately looking for work at the moment.
I have a very sweet 27-year-old son who is already on his own lives.
I am looking for a sweet spontaneous man who is not in the lurid underworld, because that is where my late husband was.
I only found out that he actually led a double life after he actually had just been free for a week and that he and then I also found out that he had already been threatened with death several times.
And that death threat also came true not even a week later and they fired at him behind the wheel of his car from a scooter and he did not survive.
Maybe I was a bit too gullible but he could very well have kept it hidden from me and my son, perhaps this was also the intention to actually protect us.
Fortunately I had nothing to do with this at all and now live my life peacefully, alone I now miss the fun of being with a man.
It's actually pretty quiet to be alone in the house now, I do get my son to visit regularly and then it's nice, but of course he also has his life and then goes home when it's time.
Are you that man who is completely different from my deceased husband and would like to get to know me then let me hear from you and send a nice message and I will promise you that I will give you something send back.

Greetings Clazien.

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Are you different than I used to


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