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Are You Full of Surprises?

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Hi I am a Thai woman, you will get my name when we have more contact. Also because this is not a very common name. Am I very easily traceable? Not that that's so bad, but still like to keep it all a bit private. It has been a long time since I came to the Netherlands, so I am completely settled. My parents also live here. I got divorced a few years ago. This is because the relationship had bled to death a bit. I am a woman with spirit, love spirit and especially fun challenges and surprises. So you immediately know what I'm looking for. A man full of surprises. And those don't have to be big surprises from me, preferably those little things that are worth the most to me. So I don't have many requirements. Although it may seem so. Love nice men, nicely dressed and nice and cheerful. That's how I am myself. I do have children and live in Groningen. Would you like to have a drink together, leave something nice behind. I look forward to it.

Big hug from me

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Are you full of surprises?


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