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Hi Hi!

My name is Claire, I am a smooth woman with a smooth chat.
My profession is make-up artist, and I also have my own business in that!
It's so nice to show people that they can also look very nice, just in a different way. But making up like brides is really my passion!
I also love to go for a walk, or to do fun things with my children and grandchildren! So you can say that I am really a proud grandmother! Now that I've been alone for a while myself, and I've been busy with my business, which is going really well now. Would I also really like to be with a sweet man, you have to be able to handle humor a bit, and I can tell you I really talk a lot haha! I can't sit still for a moment..
You shouldn't mind this, of course, and you have to be able to deal with it!
And I also think it's important that you each still have your own life , not that everything should be done together.
I think it would be very nice to meet a nice man, and who knows how to do fun things together!
Love, from Claire!

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