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I'm very strict. I have nothing to do with crazy things or anything. My husband was a businessman. Good one, a lot of way for the business. I thought. Until I got a phone call saying he was in custody for drug smuggling. He confessed quite a story, I have never been in such shock. Now I've never seen him since. I don't want to see him anymore either, afterwards you always hear the real and true stories. Well I was pregnant with our second child. Having to give birth alone, raising children alone. Also like this with my daughter who is now three years old. My son is now eleven months old. Solved everything myself. But something is still nagging at me. I miss that fun, love and more. I'd like to revisit this and have a great time together. Only have 1 wish. That you have nothing to do with that mess.

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Love Kirstel

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Are you really going for us?


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