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Can I Cook For You?

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Hello, I'm Sascha and I'm 59 years old. I work at an orthodontist, so I see a lot of children in the practice for braces. It is a lot of fun work, but because of that you end up in a rut faster. I am single and looking for a nice man to fill the remaining time together. I like to go on holiday and my passion is dancing. I especially love ballroom dancing. I also like to cook and who knows, maybe I will cook for you one day. But that depends on whether you like me. I'm looking for a sweet man for a bright future. I don't care if you're tall or short, white or dark, fat or thin. If you're just a man with a beautiful smile. The teeth are important to me but much more important is your character. Appearance is an afterthought for me. Do you like what you read and think you could be the one for me? X Sascha

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