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Do you like to travel and do you also have both feet on the ground?

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How sweet of you to take the time to look at me.
I will of course introduce myself first, I am Carrie a 59 year young woman .
I became a widow too early and after the death of my daughter I took care of my children alone.
When my children started living on their own I became a volunteer, and now I work with the elderly who need more help than I do.
This reverent work makes me feel very fulfilled and I actually started doing this because I didn't want to be stuck at home alone when the kids were out.
Really this work gives me so much satisfaction it is so touching how those older people like it so much when I come. have to stay, but then I put my heart under the belt that I will be there again the next day.
Besides this fine volunteer work, I also like to go on holiday, and then I often go on an organized trip especially for single people who, just like me, are (a little) older.
But I would now like to go on a trip with you, and of course not only travel but also be cozy at home together.
Because the latter is what I'm going to miss a bit now, especially when I come home, it's so quiet in my house.
Would you like to break the silence with me at home, then I hope you will let me hear from you soon.

Greetings Carrie

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Do you like to travel and stand


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