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Hello, I'm Fydeline. I'm Looking For A Man For A Real Relationship. That's what I want to say right away, because I'd rather not have fake responses… I've had a rough time these past few years. First Both My Parents Are Dead. And Half A Year Ago

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Hello, I'm Fydeline. I am looking for a man for a real relationship. I just want to say that right away, because I prefer no fake comments… I've had a hard time the last few years. First, both my parents passed away. And a year and a half ago my husband passed away. After that I fell into a very bad hole, and I would like to get out of it. And I hope I can find a man who can help me with that. Do you think you can handle that? Then please let me hear from you soon! Maybe I'm looking for you! Regards, Fydeline

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