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Help I'm Still Single

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Hi, you may be thinking, what is she doing here? But never really had a relationship. Not because I was or am a difficult person. But due to a mistake in the past, my beautiful daughter emerged from this. You see her in one of my photos. And I always wanted to be there for her. Not making her feel like I didn't care about her. But luckily she knows better now. And she also insists that I finally find the man of my life. So we're kind of sitting here watching together and creating this ad. I deserved it. And she calls me a very sweet, sometimes too sweet woman. Always cheerful and would do a lot for others. But must be happy.

So my daughter's question, who makes my dearest mother and grandmother happy?

Yes, I already have a granddaughter, very proud. And I just turned 50 and live in the north of the Netherlands and yes we have foreign roots but full Dutch.

Greetings Debby

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Help I'm still single


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