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How about a day out together?

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Hey you there. Yes, I too will take the step to see if I can find you here. Who I am? I am Yaana and I work as a make-up artist and I am growing well in my profession. In fact, I have everything my heart could desire. Apartment, work and positive attitude for the future. But yes, that which you also have, it is now alone. And I'm a sharer so yes now looking forward to seeing if I can share all this with a nice man by my side. What do I expect? Actually nothing. At least just someone who is nice to himself and knows how to appreciate humor. It is important that you also look positively to the future. But then how do we find out? How about a day out together? Have a drink or snack. See if we're on the same page. And how you can determine that! Love Yaana.

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