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Hello, I'm Jorien. I am a single woman of 33 and am currently doing well in life. I was in a relationship for 7 years before this. After my relationship ended, I was stalked by my ex boyfriend for another year. It involved threats, blackmail and harassing me on my mobile phone. He also enjoyed ordering the strangest things every day and delivering them to my home. I once had to receive 9 packages in one day. Luckily I'm rid of him now. He left for Thailand in early 2018 and I haven't heard from him since. In the beginning I had some difficulty trusting someone again. Since I have regained my peace, I have started living my life the way I want to live. I notice that I just need a nice man in my life again. I also love to travel and occasionally look after my little 5-year-old niece. I have a fairly calm character and want to enjoy life again. I don't have children yet, but I am open to them in the future. I hope I can find a sweet, honest man here and we can have a nice date together soon.

X Jorien

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