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I'm Looking For A New Loving Beginning

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Starting a new life is hard. But I will explain as best I can what I mean by it. I now live in Etten-Leur but I am originally from Amsterdam. My husband had a jeweler there and with a robbery everywhere he unfortunately died because of them.

But now 4 years later I am ready for a new beginning of a new life. Of course I am open to options such as moving or whatever. Because I don't have many friends or acquaintances here yet. So I am very flexible. I also enjoy sharing and receiving love. I don't look that way. I do have 2 children who have had a huge blow because of this. Who also deserve a kind of father figure. Further age, my husband was 12 years older and were stacked on top of each other. So age is not a pre for me.

I know I'm not the prettiest, but I still try to come up with something beautiful. Hopefully a nice man is looking for exactly or about the same

Love Romy

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I'm looking for a new li efdevol begin


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