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I'm Looking For A Sweet Normal Man.

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Dear men in the Netherlands.

Is it strange if, as a young woman, in the prime of your life you want more than a casual get-together?
Is it so frightening that as a 26-year-old girl you yearn for a piece of love, friendship and much more?

I'm Erlijn, I've been single for quite some time now and I'm not a walker myself. Rather have fun together. Going out for a night now and then or having a drink is certainly fun, but not every weekend ‘because it's the weekend’

With men a lot of worthless experiences:
– one has no time for you, only thinking about friends and steps
– the other would rather have another every week
– another would rather be in your wallet than in your heart.

is this where society is headed? Or is there still a nice, sweet normal man who also just wants a relationship? who also wants a home with a dear partner? Who also has a desire to have children (or already has children)? Who just wants to laugh and cry together and work on a future together?


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