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In order to give love, you have to get to know each other first

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Hi, nice that you read my call because it is always a matter of waiting to see if you stand out among so many members here. Let me introduce myself. I am yinthe and have lived abroad for a while for work. I've been back for a few months now. I am almost completely settled again, have found a nice apartment here and am trying to find my way here again. I had very nice experiences, made many new friends that I unfortunately had to leave behind. Because of my job I never really had the time for a serious relationship, I do now and I would like to meet a man who doesn't mind that I like my job very much and sometimes has to travel for a few days for that, but I promise I will always come back 😉 Some keywords about myself are: Adventurous, sweet, fond of good food, fond of surprises. Can you surprise me now by contacting me?

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