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Hi, is there also a man here with a romantic calm soul. Who doesn't want to go to bed right away on the first date, but who wants to take time to build a relationship. Who has a real interest in another and is caring and considerate. I am a 42 year old woman with a lot of love to give. At first I am a bit of a jerk, but once you have my love and trust I will go through fire for you. I generally consider myself a nice loving and considerate person. I am caring but have no desire to have children myself. If you do have kids, that's not necessarily a turn off. However, it must also click between me and the children and we must discuss my role well in advance. In general, I like depth and not superficiality. Of course it is okay to talk about small things, but you should not shy away from the depth. I would like to be a support for the other in the quest of life and also like to lean on another when I am having a hard time. A relationship is not always easy and we will run into our little things. Then it is nice if you can communicate well and also dare to discuss your emotions. Something that I sometimes find difficult, but I would like to learn. In appearance I have medium length dark blond hair, blue-gray eyes and I'm tall both in length and width, so much to love. I don't have a specific type that I like, but you have to be respectful and woman-friendly. In my spare time I like to help out at a vegetable farm near here. I like to read, I like to meet up with my friends. I like massage and I also like walking and cycling (electric bike) What do you like to do? Maybe we can do something fun together. I'd love to hear from you. 


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