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It's a dream when you meet the man of your life and you think that will make you happy.
That's how it all seemed in the beginning. We had a daughter as the crowning achievement of our love.
But shortly afterwards it all went wrong. While I was still in the hospital recovering from a caesarean section, I did not receive a visit from him and had to call a taxi myself to get home with my child.
ÉOnce I got home, I didn't know what I was seeing. Instead of the house being decorated, it was completely upside down.
There were empty liquor bottles everywhere and I even found injection needles on the floor.
In short, I packed my things and left immediately because I wanted to be here not letting my daughter grow up.
Later it turned out that he had always been an addict and had now gone wild for a while.
In short, he was always able to keep up appearances, but luckily I left in time.
He never showed up again, so that says enough.
But I do miss a sweet partner and a father figure for my daughter.
Now I can start making all kinds of demands for the ideal man, but I would like it much more if a man responded who is just the way he is and then we will see where the ship beached.
Would you like to meet up with me sometime and do you think you can be a sweet father figure for my daughter, then perhaps have a drink soon?


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Together for a bright future?


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