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Traveling Together With My Rock In The Surf

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Long evenings spent alone on the couch. They're starting to bore me. About 5 years ago my ex husband decided that he didn't want to live anymore and then ended it himself. For years I wondered why. I've never known and haven't been able to figure out a reason. After a long struggle I gave up. He's gone and he won't come back. Of course there are still painful moments, but they are becoming less and less. I notice in myself the need to share my love again. To have a man by my side. A man with whom I can laugh, scream, enjoy and roar in evenings. The man who is my rock. With which I can share joy and sorrow. You can go out for a night, have a nice dinner, drink a good glass of wine and take a nice walk on the beach. I am an Account Manager by profession. I have the ambition to start a training as a masseuse in the near future. Will you be my practice person for those massages? Do you also have those beautiful dreams such as going to the spa, traveling around Africa or another activity and do you find it boring to do on your own? Maybe we can make a plan together and maybe we can make our dream come true together.

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