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Who Can Give This Chic Lady Some More Happy Years???

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Hello and here I am. Lots of pretty ladies, hopefully I'll fit in a bit. I may be a chic lady, but I have a very gentle character. Sweet, patient and also sporty. I have been divorced since 2003. We really couldn't handle the death of our daughter. She passed away in 2001. Of course you don't forget this, but life goes on anyway. And for now find a no nonsense man who also has his heart in the right place. I just turned 59 so I still have a lot of fun years ahead of me. Age is not that important, just to a certain extent. A maximum of 15 years difference is the limit for me. So don't try it, a waste of your own time and only respond to 1 serious person. So they automatically fall off.

For now I'm waiting for that nice sweet man

Love from Conny

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Who can still do this chic lady


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