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Who has a large waste bin or roll-press container at their disposal?

Posted by admin

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I recently saw special fetish videos on the internet of men crawling into a waste wheelie bin or press container.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with that had? The chance is very small, but if you don't shoot, it's always a bad thing.

I (45 year old man) would really like to experience that, experience it and feel what it feels like to lie between the garbage bags or are pressed together in a responsible manner. 

Of course I am aware that there are risks involved, of course I understand that very well and take it for my own account!! And let that happen with the clothes on and not naked and with eye protection.

I am thinking of three options in terms of waste containers.


Option 1: A waste roll container with only garbage bags with normal dirt in it where no sharp objects.

That there is a layer of garbage bags at the bottom and I lie on top and the container is then filled with other garbage bags/waste/bulky waste and possibly tamped down/jumped on top by one person or more.

And if you have a roll container or have a wheelie bin that still needs to be emptied into a press container or underground? Then I would like to experience it and be dumped in those ways with all the consequences!


Option 2: A waste press container is also pure only garbage bags with normal dirt in them and no sharp objects such as iron, wood or tin, etc.

That it is a press container that is overloaded or half full that I can come out for safety reasons. During the pressing process, large quantities of garbage bags or other waste or bulky waste may be dumped.


Option 3: Do you have a very large waste bin at home that is half or overfull? At half full, empty it a bit, I go in and you fill it up again. And if it is overfull, just empty it, I go in and you fill it up. And then I can't add anything because I'm in it, just tamp it down well/jump on top until all the other household waste can be added or possibly add more waste/bulky waste!

All household waste can be added/included. , just no sharp parts.

If you can empty the bin straight into an underground bin, that can also be done immediately with me in the bin. GONE = GONE.


Have some photos as an example.

And again I just want to experience it once, experience it and feel what that feels like and no sexual rituals acts. Because that's not what I'm looking for! Other proposals and waste ideas are welcome.


Preferably within the radius of Den Bosch.

No need to take me into account while tamping, jumping or pressing!

Privacy 100% guaranteed.



Who will dump me today (illegally/secretly) in the waste??





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Who has a large waste bin


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