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Who Will Give Me My Success?

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Hello there,

How nice of you to come and see me. I feel honored. Now I've been divorced a year ago and I find it boring being alone. So I thought I'd just give it a try online. It's completely new to me, but once in a while must be the first time, isn't it?

My ex-husband couldn't stand that I had a better career than him. Very childish, because I took care of the children for a long time and because of that I couldn't do anything. Now I have a thriving business and he was jealous. Well then, I choose for myself. I've “neglected” myself long enough. It's time for me now. And then preferably with a nice man by my side hihi.

So do you like it with me and are you especially not jealous? Then I hope you send me a nice message and maybe we can get to know each other soon. Good plan don't you think?

Love Lucienne

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