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Will the sun shine again for me after a difficult period?

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Hi, my name is Paultje, my real name is Pauline but everyone calls me Paultje. So nowadays I also introduce myself as Paultje. I am 42 years old from North Brabant. I'm looking for a man who will go through thick and thin. And now you're probably wondering. How does she come to this?

Well I had cancer, first just in my left breast. That's where it all started. After removal and the necessary treatments, it returned aggressively in my right breast after about 2 years. I also got through this and have been clean for 1.5 years. I still have to be checked often, but I am certainly willing to do so. Life is dear to me now. I had a sweet husband, but he gave me little or no support during the treatments and radiation treatments. I went through hell then and was devastated. So as soon as things got better I moved away from him somewhat. And now that everything is a bit brighter again, I am looking for a man who can go through thick and thin. So if things go wrong, he will be there for me.

Well, quite a story, but I would like to tell you more soon.
Will you send me a sweet message?
I don't think age is an advantage, life is short enough as it is

Kiss Paultje

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Is the sun shining for me too


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