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Will You Accept My Wheelchair?

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I would have liked to see it differently, but that's life and I just have to accept it.
My name is Sita and I have been confined to a wheelchair for a number of years because I have MS I have.
I try to live as normal a life as possible and enjoy the little things I have and appreciate life.
Only besides all those beautiful things in life, I miss a sweetheart buddy that I would like to live with.
But often when men see me in a wheelchair, they always turn off.
That is a judgment on my appearance and I think that is such a shame.
br />That's why I get straight to the point and come clean about it straight away.
So that you will not be faced with any surprises on our first date.
If you would like to have a drink with me and get to know me better, I would like to invite you.

Lots of love

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Will you accept my wheelchair?


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