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I am, as they say, a lucky guy, in other words, I had an angel on my shoulder. At first I wasn't very happy that I survived, but now I'm starting to see life again for what it's meant to be. 4 years ago I had meningitis where they literally pulled me from the dead. Through multiple surgeries and multiple rehabs, I've more or less become myself again. My previous relationship abandoned me at the time because he didn't like it anymore and he couldn't muster the patience to wait for me to finish everything. In short, it wasn't real love for me. Now I'm back to it and see everything on the bright side again. I think it would be nice to get to know a man who accepts me as I am and that doesn't mean that I can't hear anything anymore. I only have a few minor limitations, but as an outsider you don't notice that. If you are a sweet, caring and also spontaneous, then I would like to hear from you and then we will see where we end up. Much love, Ineke

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