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Hi! Inge From Gouda Here!

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Hello, nice guys,

I am Inge, 34 years old, single, NO children YET, but looking for a nice man with whom I can hopefully start a nice family in the future.
I am an independent woman, I have my affairs in order and also a nice job, but in terms of love it actually lingers a bit. even for quite a while alone.
When you see that your girlfriends are all settling down around you, it starts to itch for me too, so I took the gamble by registering here and to place an advertisement.
Who dares not wins, of course.
What I'm looking for?? Well .. I'm not that difficult actually .. Just a nice man who, like me, doesn't feel like playing games but wants to build something serious. Hopefully I'm the woman that suits you best in terms of appearance, and the rest… well, you'll have to find that out soon haha.

Greetings Inge

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